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Comments 2011

Country: Canada

For someone looking to experience a different side of culture, Volunteering-In-Peru is a great organization to find this through. Immediately Carlos\' warmth and genuineness was apparent without over-the-top costs sometimes associated with volunteer organizations. They were straight forward and very grass roots; from the first time I contacted the organization I was dealing directly with Carlos and through all the processes. I volunteered at Buen Pastor, a home for girls. Getting to be a part of some very special moments with these girls such as their QuinceaƱera was an amazing insight into their culture. If you are motivated to bring something you can teach to these girls, and be willing to show them you care, they will all steal your heart. It was really sad to leave them.

AugustNicole Doria
Country: USA

My experience as a volunteer with Volunteering-Peru was incredible. It definitely was more than I expected , truly a life changing experience. Mornings, I volunteered at Don Jose de San Martin in which I assisted a second grade multi disability class and in physical therapy where I got hands on experience with multiple kids of various classes. All the teachers in this school are so giving and warm-hearted they really make you feel that they appreciate the time you are spending there. I was a volunteer for two months so I really got to be around most of the classes helping out or just playing with the kids and I can say each class is very special. All the kids are so affectionate it makes you feel so happy every second you are there. It was so much fun every day. We would do weekly plans that included homework or lesson time, bath time and also fun things like taking the kids to the zoo, main square, festivals or have art day

JulyMaria Claude
Country: Canada

I love my experience with Volunteering-Peru! It was a challenge that I always wanted to do. Carlos and Agnes are amazing! What they do for these kids is just incredible! Every morning I was working at San Martin, a school for kids with mental or physical disabilities. The teachers in this school make an exceptional work! I liked so much my experience with these young kids that have so much to give. In the afternoon, I was spending some time with kids of an orphanage, doing some sport or helping them with their homework. I also enjoyed my time in Cusco, a beautiful city with so many things to do! And of course I did a trek to the Machu Picchu! If you want to experience something that will change you for ever, go spend some time with volunteering-Peru and the beautiful kids from Cusco!

AprilCatarina Carneiro Thomaz
Country: Brazil

The experience of volunteering is life changing in all manners, and it was incredible during each and every day I was in Peru. Agnes, Carlos, his family and all the San Martin School Staff were amazingly kind and nice. The children of the school for sure thought me more about life, love and compassion then I could even imagine. I strongly recommend volunteering Peru.


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